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"The more I fail, the more I want to succeed. The harder I fall, the higher I rebound"
Dr. Shri Thanedar

There are many ways to describe Shri an immigrant, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a successful business man or a connoisseur of art and music. Shri's life is a living inspirational story about starting from almost nothing and achieving the zenith of success while coping with adversities.

Shri's story begins half way around the world; he grew up in poverty in India. He came to the United States, completed his PhD and bought his first company for $75,000. Today Shri is successful businessman in the Unites States and heads a group of companies with staggering revenue of $60 million. He is chairman and 100% owner of Azopharma Contract Pharma Services and Chemir Analytical Services Inc. His companies together employ over 390 employee including 75 PhD chemists.

Shri Thanedar has established a family foundation to promote the arts and to encourage under-privileged youth to seek entrepreneurship in America and India. Thanedar lives in Miami, Florida, with his sons, Neil and Samir, and wife, Shashi.


Growing up as parents

Posted on: January 19th, 2010

In my travel across America and other parts of the world, I came across many people who are concerned about raising kids, especially if they are away from their homeland. Typically, parents fear their children will never know the culture they themselves grew up in, and might not make them a respectable and successful individual. Born out of this insecurity, for the most part, is the motivation enforce rules and a strict discipline...



On the heels of Slumdog Millionaire, chemist Shri Thanedar is turning his memoir into a movie



18-Sep-2009Panel speaker for 'Launching and Growing Your Business' at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor event
02-Jul-2009Key note speaker and Grand Sponsor at Indus Business Conference, BMM convention Philadelphia, PA



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