Since 1993

Shri Thanedar

Dr. Shri Thanedar immigrated to the United States in 1979 from Belgaum, India to obtain his PhD in polymer chemistry from the University of Akron (1982) after receiving a Masters Degree at the University of Bombay (1977). He then worked as a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Michigan (1982-1984). Shri worked as a Polymer Synthesis Chemist and Project Leader at the Petrolite Corporation in St. Louis, MO (1984-1990). In 1990, Shri worked at and then purchased a three-employee service company called Chemir.  Under Shri’s ownership, the company went from $150,000 in annual sales and three employees to $63 million in annual sales and over 400 employees, a trend that has followed him throughout his successful career. During his professional career, Shri purchased or sold eight different businesses. He is skilled in turning around troubled companies.

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